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Cognitive Therapy for ADHD | ADD

Children, Adolescence, & Adults


Integrative treatment programs can help maximize symptom control and change dysfunctional habits into productive patterns.


ADHD|ADD can have an affect on behavioral (actions), cognitive (thinking), and mood.  Learn to manage symptoms through interactive and collaborative cognitive therapy at the Graymatter Clinic, LLC.  


Common ADHD treatment plans include help for the following:

social skill deficits or social anxiety, intense emotions or emotional over-reacctivity, low self-esteem, aggression, irritability, low focus, fidgeting, absent-mindedness, easily distracted, attention issues, anxiety, depression, difficulty being on time, interupts others, hyper, restlessness, impatient, difficulties with transitions, impulsivity, sleep issues, disorganization, procrastination, rejection sensitivity, negative thoughts, and unproductive self-talk.


Typically sessions for symptom reduction is a 50 minute hour, scheduling 1 session per week to start depending on the severity.  


Let us help you find a path to progress.